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Welcome to Mikes Aquatics


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Welcome to Mikes Aquatics and Pleco Pages

Hi – and welcome to my website, Mikes Aquatics and Pleco Pages.As you can probably tell I have an interest in Loricariidae Catfish, hopefully after you browse the site you will also have developed an interest for these fantastic tropical fish from South America. The Mikes' Aquatics part of the site is a small online 'hobby store' selling pleco related products, things I use in my fish room and some of the tropical fish tank plants I grow. I also have these products listed on the trademe website under username MikeFish.  Site Articles are divided into 3 sections they are accessable from the links box at top left of every page.. 

Pleco Related

Articles about Loricaridiidae Catfish in New Zealand. 


My Tanks 

Information about my Pleco Biotype tanks and Show Tanks. 


Fish Room 

Information and articles about my fish room for those interested in setting up one of their own.  


All the pleco images on the site and in my gallery have been taken with either of my two Sony cameras, DSC-S85  DSC P-51. Even though I am very much an amateur I enjoy photographing my fish and I hope you enjoy viewing some of my photos


Last Updated on Friday, 20 February 2009 18:03
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