Super Sink Pump


The Super Sink pump is a simple venturi driven pump to make water changes in your fish tank quick, easy and mess free.  It attaches to a tap (faucet) and uses the power of the water running from the tap to suck water from or pump water too your tank, it isn’t powered and doesn’t use batteries, it is quite simply a brilliant little time and mess saver that every aquarist should have.

What you get in the packet.

1 Plastic Pump (the blue thing)

1 2 piece faucet / tap adaptor (the white thing)

if you purchased the optional metal adaptor that’s the silver thing.

<image here>

What you will need to provide… (you may already have these in your garage or garden shed.)

1 female hose adaptor + 1 male hose adaptor and a long enough length of hose to go from your fish tank to your tap. You can buy these from hardware stores like Placemakers, or Bunnings, Mitre 10 etc.  I use a coiled hose because its easy to store in the cupboard under my fishtank but any standard sized garden hose is fine.

Step 1 attach the pump to your tap.

Your tap must have a thread on the end (sometimes it is hidden under an end cap) generally there are three types..

Standard External Thread as is often found on outside taps and laundry taps

These are easy, no adaptor is required, just screw the blue sink pump straight to the tap.

Small external thread, often found on kitchen mixers and indoor taps.

Separate the white adaptor into its two pieces and screw the larger piece onto the tap thread, then screw the blue pump onto the adaptor.

Small internal thread – screw the smaller white piece up into the tap then screw the larger piece too it, then finally screw on the blue pump.

Step 2 attach your hose to the pump.

Screw the male hose adaptor onto the blue sink pump, then screw the female adaptor onto your hose and firmly click the two together.

<image here>

run the hose to your tank and you are ready to go…

Step 3 Drain water from your tank.

To drain water from the tank open the valve at the bottom of the sink pump by turning and pulling down and then just turn on the tap, the rushing water creates a small venturi vacuum in the pump and water is sucked down the hose from your tank, depending on the length of your hose you may be able to turn off the tap once the draining has started and it will continue, if it stops just leave the tap running.  Generally a 20% water change once a fortnight is fine for most community tanks, but for a heavily planted or overstocked tank you may like to change as much as 50% weekly.

Step 4 Refill your tank.

Turn off the tap and close the valve at the bottom of the pump by turning and pushing up, turn the tap back on and water will flow down your hose and back into your tank. If you have a mixer style tap you can set the water temperature to match the water in your tank, if not then refill the tank slowly so as to not lower the water temperature to suddenly. Fish are perfectly safe as long as any changes in temperature are gradual and not sudden. Dechlorinators, water conditioners etc can be added to the tank while it is refilling.